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Xxl Pitbulls

Be carefull of some xxl pitbull kennels and there stats and trick photography. There are lots of bully breeders out there that lie about the true size of there dogs and some even go to great lengths as photoshopping there pics to make there dogs look bigger for sales. I suggest if intrested in a […]

Pitbull Puppies

Here are some of the litters and pictures of pitbull puppies we have had over the years. Pitbull puppies are so cute when they are small but grow up so fast. Here is prada when she was just a few weeks old. Here is Jada and her new born puppies with Magnum. Here is fiesty […]

Keeping Your Pitbulls and Bullys Cool In The Summer

Being that we are in the south in new orleans, louisiana it gets very hot during the summer. Good ways to keep your bullys cool during the summer is to have fans or misting systems setup in you kennels. Along with a misting system i like to spray down all the kennels , the area […]

Bully Shows

Some of the biggest bully shows that we plan to start attending is the huge Bully Palooza they have every year in atlanta. Here are a few pics from different kennels and from shows. Here is also the famous Gottiline Legend and also Dad to my boy Magnum at one of the Bully Palooza shows […]